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We understand the need for an technician to call out, especially with a demanding lifestyle, busy office or simply the difficulty of unpluging everything, carting your computer to a shop, finding a parking place and then doing it all again to collect the system if it's been repaired and if it hasn't been repaired, what a waste of your time!

  • We come to you, with NO call out charge!
  • We evaluate the system and give advice on a repair.
  • If we can repair in-situe, we will, if not WE take it to our workshop.
  • We ask you to watch whilst we repair your system.
  • We show you exactly what we've done to repair your system!
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All our work, services and products sold are quaranteed to provide you with an end user satisfaction our customers deserve.


We have specialised in low cost repairs of computerised systems, our speciality is in Windows Operating Systems and related software and PC, Desktop and Laptop Hardware. We do not repair Apple systems.

We call out to your premises and action the repair in your presence. If we cannot action the repair without bringing your system to our workshop, we do so without extra charge. When we can, we attempt to offer a same day/next day callout, this is not always possible and will arrange a time/day to suit your convenience.

System Service & Repairs

Is your system not running as it should or is in need of general repair?

Our quick and speedy service will have your system up and running as quickly as is possible, without any fuss or drama!

Infection Erradication

We can provide a quick and easy infection removal service, but if your system is infected, do not ignore it or try to remove it without specialist software. Greater damage can be done by failig to deal with a computer infection correctly.

Windows re-install

Occasionally Windows 10 will malfunction to an extent that it may require a reset or re-install. Care needs to be taken as as some re-install proedures will completbely wipe out your personal files and folders, beware!

Printer set-up & install

Printers bought today and those in use may be using out of date "Firmware", that is the software which operates the printer as opposed to print drivers which creates the printed page. Should your printer fail to print, try updating the firmware to rectify the error, or contact us for assistance!

Keyboard Replacement

Replacing a keyboard for a desktop computer is simple unplug and plug in a new one! Replacing a laptop keyboard is not so easy and can be downright difficult as in some cases the laptop has to be dismantled, unweld the plastic retainers and rebuild. A laptop keyboard can cost around £15 the completed process can be closer on £60

Screen Replacement

Laptop screens are fragile and need careful handling, press the screen and you can break the crystals. The average cost of a 15" including fitting is around £80, a 17" screen costs around £110. Each screen is subject to supply costs which can vary enormously. Please telephone for individual quote!


We have been involved in computerized systems, windows and accounting software for over 35 years and we are still learning. We happily pass our knowledge and experience onto all our customers and explain the benefits and pitfalls in modern day computing.

System Running Slow

The primary causes of a slow running system are Junk and Infected files, Windows creates junk and several Anti-Virus programs do not block many infected sites...More

System Freeze/Lock-up

System locking is the result of a bug in the code of an incompatible file, uninstalling the offfending ptogram will often resolve the issue....More

Not booting up

This is often the result of a corrupt "Boot Manager" the cause can ne numerous as can be the remedy to get the system up and running...More

Forgotten Password

This can be a nightmare to resolve, especially if you've a notebook with several amended entries. Three strikes and your out is often used, then not only have you forgotten the password your account is now blocked, how can this be resolved?...more

Our Mission

We try to promote a policy of self help and with each repair we will explain the benefit of maintaining a healthy computer, free from, infections, junk and adware to our customers.

We will install selected free software to clean out these unwanted files, the software is by their reputation clean of infected or rogue files and quickly identify those which cause your system to malfunction.

The links below will allow you to download and install these free programs, which will help keep your system clean and free from errors. These programs come in two flavours, Free and Premium, The free programs will do all you need to irradicate malware and junk and you do NOT need to buy the premium version.

Refurbised Systems

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Our pricing structure is highly competitive and fair. We do not overcharge and believe value for money is as important in customer satisfaction as is a job well done. If you believe paying more provides you with a better service, you are mistaken. We are a small business and therefore not registered to charge VAT and do not add 20% to the final total. We have over 400 customers who benefit from our pricing policy, we accept cash, cheques, BAC's and Part Exchange.





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Windows 10

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  • 19"& 21" Screens

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a problem, issue you can't resolve, need unbiased advice when buying a new system, or need advice on how to fix a broken system? Telephone or email us and we will provide you with unbiased opinions and advice, the initial service is free of charge and a 5 minute conversation can resolve many issues and a save you a lot of money!

  • Do you charge for call out?

    No, there is no call out charge, we may ask you to contribute to petrol if travelling 10 miles further from our base at Bridgerule.

  • In most case printer faults can be repaired, most issues today relate to either corrupted print drivers, or out of date "firmware" especially new "out of the box" printers, which may be istalled with software dating back to 2018 and may not be compatible with the current windows 10 operating system.

  • Several issues may cause the failure of Internet access, it may be your Broadband signal, it could be a faulty router, or the IP address needs to be reset. First clear the history caches in your computer, then reset the router, next reset the IP address or/and winsock. It may of course be your provider who has suffered an outage at their sever (which often happens).

  • Not necessarily! older systems tend to have a lower memory capability which may not be sufficient to handle the current high demand in video, such as Zoom, Tik Tok, Youtube and others, Dependant of the motherboard inexpensive memory chips can be added or changed to improve systems capacity.

  • In the main a 5 minute telephone conversation which can resolve many issues, is free! A lengthy discussion or remote access to your computer and action a repair may be charged. Existing customers know well, We are happy to help and give free advice to any person who calls with a computer issue.


We don't man our telephone 24 hours a day, but we can be contacted between the hours 8.00am and 8.00pm, most days! or email us a message and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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